Technologies & Innovation

We are able to satisfy the most stringent requirements of the market thanks to the highest-level equipment installed in our company.

We guarantee complete traceability down to the single component thanks to our ESSEGI incoming system. The materials are stored in air-conditioned cabinets with controlled temperature and humidity.

In addition to the manufacturing lines, we are able to guarantee an extremely controlled and traced process by means of the following equipment:

Laser marking for PCB

3D SPI for solder paste

2D AOI for pre-reflow check

3D AOI for post-reflux check

The reflow takes place through ovens predisposed for nitrogen with the option of vacuum, allowing to reduce the void up to 1%.

THT assembly takes place by means of automated lines and welding machines that manage Lead free and SnPb alloys.

To carry out an extremely accurate inspection, the 3D X-Ray equipment is used for the soldering joints placed under the component and not visible with the AOI test (BGA, LGA, FPGA, led); in addition, the system is able to check the various layers where the PCB has opposite components on the top and bottom side.

3D X-Ray is also extremely effective for controlling the ascent of THT components, satisfying the most stringent requirements of some market segments.

Univel is also equipped with automatic tests equipment such as the SPEA 4080 flying probe machine with 8 probes (the fastest and most performing on the market), a SPEA bed of nails machine and functional test benches built "ad hoc" for our customers.

The conformal coating service is performed by a Selective Conformal Coating line, with integrated AOI inspection and equipped with an oven for polymerization, all automated.

The automatic depaneling is carried out by an AUROTECH AUO-4000C machining center containing two work tables and aspirator for dust removal and working aspirators during the preparation phases, this machine is about to work any predisposed substrates including aluminium and avoid any mechanical stress generated by manual operations.

To acquire accurate object 3D measurements (analysis, re-engineering or process controls) we have invested in a 3D metrological system that allows us to guarantee product quality by keeping project specifications under control, delivering to the customer a compliant product in all its requirements.

All our processes are fully connected to our ERP system equipped with MES, allowing us to better manage production planning and company performance monitoring while keeping management objectives under control.

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