Castelfidardo (AN)
22 marzo 2024


For a more sustainable Future

The use of self-produced energy thanks to the installation of photovoltaic systems, as we well know, can lead to important benefits, in economic but above all environmental terms.

The choice to have a photovoltaic system and self-produce clean and renewable energy allows you not only to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, but to actively contribute to the national energy transition process.

Thanks to the production and self-consumption of clean energy, it is also possible to significantly reduce the amount of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and therefore one's Carbon Footprint.

To date, a good percentage of the total energy consumed is self-produced by our photovoltaic panels; The goal is to continue along this line and even install others in the new portion of the building.

With the new investments, energy savings will increase up to 55%!

A choice that aims to develop an increasingly sustainable future that can be compatible with the protection of the environment and free goods for future generations.

The editorial team


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