Castelfidardo (AN)
6 settembre 2022


New technologies & Industry 4.0

Today Stefano Mancini (Quality Director) says: I found it hard to believe when I joined the company at the beginning of 2022 that Andrea and Alessandro (CEO and COO) wanted to invest in so many new technologies!

I served for over 30 years in a company in the area that had over 500 employees, various offices located around the world and EMS in Italy, Europe and China, so I know quite a lot about technology, but when I saw what was present in Univel I was amazed.

SPEA's 8 flying probe testing system, more unique than rare in the area, the 10-zone Heller oven equipped with vacuum and nitrogen designed for the automotive world and beyond, the TRI X-RAY 3D system indispensable for modern technologies, pre- and post-reflow AOI inspection systems, an automatic depaneling system to reduce mechanical stress in the cards and to ensure nothing is missing, automatic warehouses entirely connected to P&P and the new ERP system equipped with MES.

I understood with immense joy that Andrea and Alessandro, through the strategic choices they implemented, wanted to differentiate themselves from everyone in order to obtain the best, for customers and for the company. And the desire is to continue to grow.

I'm proud to be part of the Team!

Univel has embraced the ongoing fourth industrial revolution which is leading to the implementation of fully automated and interconnected production.

Stay tuned!


The editorial team


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