Castelfidardo (AN)
28 agosto 2023


Value Added logistics

The new Kardex and Essegi storage systems have landed in our factory!

To meet the increasingly stringent demands of our customers, it’s necessary to pay attention to maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Storage capacity is also a crucial aspect!

These new automatic systems allow you to optimize order storage and picking operations, recover floor space, improve picking accuracy and have faster access times.

The new automated management consists of hardware and software products capable of tracking and moving each component.

Even during the acceptance phase, with our Incoming system we are able to collect images and data in real time by tracing each roll and label down to the individual component.

The systems are capable of communicating with our management systems and integrating perfectly into our highly interconnected production context, in line with the digital transformation underway.

See you soon! The news in the Univel world never ends!


The editorial Team


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