Castelfidardo (AN)
4 maggio 2023


Digital Transformation: a challenge and an opportunity

The new needs imposed by the current historical period where speed of execution and efficiency play crucial roles have made the transition to digitalisation in business processes fundamental.

This operation proves to be important especially for companies that move in an increasingly competitive market characterized by continuous changes.

Finding a solution that allowed control, digitalization of processes and was able to support the business plan was one of the objectives set by the company.

Starting from this, the collaboration with Apra began, starting a digital transformation and modernization project of internal systems.

When implementing software solutions and certain management methodologies, dynamics and processes are analyzed which are often optimized and managed in an even more effective and conscious manner, being able to generate great advantages for the company.

Today, production datas are collected, normalized and analyzed providing a real-time updated picture of each order and order status.

Monitoring and maximizing the efficiency, productivity and profits of the company's organization are just part of a large list of advantages that a process implemented such as digitalisation can bring to a company.

Digital Transformation, a challenge and an opportunity not to be missed!

The editorial team


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