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29 aprile 2022


Design For Testability - 20 April 22

Today the training day dedicated to Design for Testability & Design for Manufacturing was completed.

Our Partners, Suppliers and Customers attended the event with great honor.

It was a moment of discussion for those who daily deal with issues in the production, process control and project fields, the latter topic covered by Luca Graglia (Technical Manager of SPEA), who suggests some rules to follow in the design phase so that the board becomes easy to assemble and test.

“Having accurate process control means creating a dense network so that defects do not escape” quotes Alessandro Ressico (Sales Director of SPEA).

It is in fact essential that the electronics are designed, produced and tested by the factory not only free of defects but also reliable over time. A demanding challenge taking into account the ever-increasing miniaturization of electronic components.

Xray technology in its Inline configuration has been the subject of strong observation by everyone.

The 3D version allows you to check complex boards containing components on both sides, clearly highlighting critical welding issues that are impossible to detect with a standard 2D check.

Michele Mattei (Co-Owner of Itronik) mentions “you can't find such a complete installation in Italy with SPI, AOI 2D / 3D and Xray 3D systems, I'm very proud of it”

The welding process using the vacuum oven was a topic addressed directly by Joe Balackyi (Heller sales manager in Europe) together with Sandro Caporal (Mancini Enterprise Group).

“This is a technology that will become indispensable in the years to come, to meet the increasingly stringent demands for void reduction during the manufacturing process. It is our first installation in Italy!

AKKA in the guise of Emanuele de Filippis (Business Unit Manager - Head of Delivery Management Unit) and Alberto Sancandi (Electronic Development Delivery Unit Manager) as a global leader in engineering consultancy and research and development services, completes the day by validating the partnership with Univel capable of responding to prototyping and pre-series needs in a very short time, whilst maintaining excellent process control.

What else to add? A heartfelt thank you to everyone for participating & Stay Tuned!


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