About Univel

Univel Management Company is specialized in design, development and production of circuits, electronic and electromechanical devices.

The company was born thanks to the experience of Andrea Falcetelli (CEO) and his passion for electronics.

Univel operates on the Italian and European market with customers belonging to different industries such as, Audio, Automotive, Lighting, Medical, Aerospace, Consumer, E-Mobility e IoT.

Over the years, the company has consistently pursued a quality policy, with particular attention to customer needs and satisfaction, adopting an ISO9001 quality management system since 2001.

The huge experience acquired over the years and the specificity of the work carried out have allowed our company to obtain IATF16949 certification.

Since 2018 we have also been committed to preserving the environmental aspect, achieving ISO14001 certification.

What We Do

The company produce electronic boards, together with product engineering support. We are able to manufacture from the prototype up to the mass production.

We assemble SMT & THT technology, carry out Optical and X-Ray inspection, checks and finally parametric and functional tests.

Univel is also able to offer additional processes such as mechanical assembly, resin coating, wiring and specific packaging that respect antistatic norms.

We have adopted the concept of "Global Service": the customer can request a "turnkey" product, ready for the end user.

All processes are carried out in Italy, respecting the current IPC, REACH and RoHs regulations.



Mass Production



Final Product



The company was founded in the industrial area of Castelfidardo (AN).
It was born in 1997 initially by three partners and subsequently completely acquired by one of the members, Andrea Falcetelli. The goal of the young founder was to enter the world of electronics with the production of electronic boards, taking care of a complete supply cycle from the acquisition of materials to the finished product.
He thus began a path that laid the foundations for building what has become the Univel Management Company of today.


The new millennium proves to be a key moment for the world of electronics and technology, and Univel moves the first steps towards a history marked by satisfaction and growth.
During that years, important customers have been acquired by consolidating relationships of reliability and credibility.


Univel during the world crisis proves to be a solid reality and able to face the challenges posed by the market.
The scenario is that of a dynamic company, ready for change and that pursues improvement, growth and development in an increasingly structured way, without losing sight of what has always distinguished a family-run company, namely the importance of the people who represent the fundamental piece and who guarantee the success of the ideas.


The new decade is characterized by an increasingly automated world, the company strongly believes in investments and in the results they can bring.
High-performance equipment, advanced automation, training, highly qualified resources play a fundamental role, allowing Univel to enter new important markets.

Industry 4.0

The importance of connected factory technologies, digitization & traceability

The implementation of new technologies leads to a transition of a new concept of intelligent factory, characterized by a digitized production, composed of more fluid, interconnected processes, and production systems adapted to modernity and its needs, capable of making the best use of the resources available.

With the connection of all the assets involved in the logistics-production chain, the primary advantage of Industry 4.0 is the availability of all relevant information in real time. The connection between people, things and systems creates enormous added value in terms of cost and waste reduction, availability of information in real time, increased productivity and interaction between resources.

Greater flexibilityBetter qualityGreater competitivenessFaster speedGreater productivity